What is Raspiserver?

Raspi Server is a website which started out as a notetaking website for my own projects – but apparently other people keep finding the website and finding my notes useful. My mantra with this site website is easy to use, copy-paste, tutorials (notes) where explanations usually are omitted to keep notes tidy and easy and all readers are encouraged to comment and participate 🙂


An idea or issue involving a Raspberry Pi.


Just click the copy button next to the code.


… and pasteitinto your SSH console. Finished.


Bored and need a project? Try exploring some of my previous projects or issues…


Want to host your own webserver? WordPress on a Raspberry? Apache or Nginx? How to optimise settings?


Harden your Raspberry Pi with these recommended security settings!

Tweaks and Tricks

Install a specific program and tweak your Raspberry Pi to the edge!


Use your Raspberry Pi as a NAS? It is indeed possible and watt effective!

Self-Hosted Services

Want to self host your own services and de-Google your self? Plex, Jellyfin etc.

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