Welcome to RaspiServer. A website which started out as a notetaking website for my own projects – but apparently other people keep finding the website and finding my notes useful. My mantra with this website is:

  • Easy to use, copy-paste, tutorials (notes)
  • Explanations are usually omitted to keep notes tidy and easy
  • Readers are urged to participate 🙂


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How to: Change screen resolution of Raspberry Pi

Solution 1 sudo nano /boot/config.txt Uncomment “disable_overscan=1” overscan_left=24 overscan_right=24 Overscan_top=10 Overscan_bottom=24 Framebuffer_width=480 Framebuffer_height=320 Sdtv_mode=2 Sdtv_aspect=2 Solution 2 sudo raspi-config Go to: >Advanced Option > Resolution > set resolution based on your screen resolution. reboot
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